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Guest Blogger - Savannah's peplum top/tunic

Guest Blogger - Savannah's peplum top/tunic


My name is Savannah. I'm the mom to two amazing girls who inspired me to start sewing. About 5 years ago, pregnant with my youngest, I couldn't sew, despite hours of trying. Then, at about 2 a.m. one night, I awoke with an idea o couldn't shake. I saw, in my head, a bag attached to a wipe case that would help me avoid diaper bags. With my mind running 100 miles an hour, I jumped straight out of bed and began sewing the bag. After that moment, everything just clicked. As long as I could see it in my head, I could create it. With the support of my friends and family, I began sewing bags of all kinds. Diaper bags became my niche and they helped me discover new techniques with each bag. By the time I had discovered patterns (quite recently actually), it was too late. I had discovered I didn't need them. All I needed was accurate measurements, a little math, and a vision.

Here is a tutorial on how to make this adorable peplum tunic: 

#1- measure A- top of shoulders to hips B- circumference around C- from one side of the neck to the other I.e. the measurements for us were: A. 18" B. 23" C. 4" 

#2-cut Cut the fabric Height= your A measurement Length= your B measurement -1" (subtract 1" so it fits nice and snug) I.e. we cut ours 18" tall by 22" wide

#3 arm and neck At the top of the fabric, we cut where the neck and arm will be: From the fold you will cut by using: 1.5C/2. I.e. our C=4", so 4x1.5=6, so I want my neck 6" wide. I'm cutting from the fold so ÷2=3" I measured 3" from the fold and cut over and down towed the edge with a curve. Then, I cut a slight curve in the neck.

#4- Sew Sew the edge (the back) together. Then, hem from the neck and then down around to the other side of the neck.

#5-sew Fold the top of the neck over 2x, then sew to create a casing.

#6- cut the ruffle Make it as tall as you'd like. You can make it a full skirt or just a cute little ruffle like I did here. Cut it 2xB long I.e. mine was 46" wide

#7- Sew the ruffle together so it forms a circle.

#8- pin the ruffle around the bottom of the bodice

#9- sew the ruffle to the bodice slowly gathering a little as you sew.

#10-hem the bottom of the ruffle

#11- create a strap 1.5" wide. Fold it in half and sew down the side

#12- Turn strap inside out, hem It, then pull it through the casing you created at the top of the bodice.

And you're done! Can be made with knit for a cute top or swim for a cute swim top! 

CKC Freya Swim Suit Pattern

CKC Freya Swim Suit Pattern

I had the opportunity to test this amazing CKC Patterns Freya's women's swim suit and I adore my second one! I even moded it to have built in shorts!! I love it so much!!! The mod is pretty simple. I measured my desired inseam and multiplied by two. The width was determined by the leg elastic measurement that was in the chart on the pattern. Instead of using elastic, I used 20in x 19.5in solid black swim fabric. Sewed in half and then attached like you would for a cuff on a shirt or neck binding. Then repeated on the other side! I wore this suit for our 2 day getaway, and I am in LOVE with the mod that I did! I couldn't believe that they stayed in place all day without having to pull them down! And no chub rub!!! <3 Being plus size, I feel very confident in this suit! I can't wait to make another!! (no joke my husband loves this on me despite being a one piece with a skirt!)

This suit was made with left over strike offs from the "Dreaming of Summer" round from our group, retail will be in a couple weeks!  I found the custom swim to be a lot easier to work with as it was a lot less slippery than the cheaper solid black swim that I used. As well as using a thicker swim lining than a cheaper thin one. The cheap thinner swim lining I used for my first suit was a PAIN to work with, it was extremely slippery and hard to handle. The thicker stuff was easier to work with and sewed up a lot better!

Link to PDF pattern--->

Pattern Affiliate Links - work in progress

Pattern Affiliate Links - work in progress

Here are a few of my favorite pattern makers and their links! 

Pattern for Pirates is one of my top favorite pattern makers, click the link below:

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 Peek-a-boo is another one of my favorites! Her Seattle Skater skirt is my go-to skirt pattern!  Click the link below:

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Ellie and Mac is a new favorite of mine! Lots of amazing kids dresses to choose from and you can't beat their $1 pattern sales!