CKC Freya Swim Suit Pattern

CKC Freya Swim Suit Pattern

I had the opportunity to test this amazing CKC Patterns Freya's women's swim suit and I adore my second one! I even moded it to have built in shorts!! I love it so much!!! The mod is pretty simple. I measured my desired inseam and multiplied by two. The width was determined by the leg elastic measurement that was in the chart on the pattern. Instead of using elastic, I used 20in x 19.5in solid black swim fabric. Sewed in half and then attached like you would for a cuff on a shirt or neck binding. Then repeated on the other side! I wore this suit for our 2 day getaway, and I am in LOVE with the mod that I did! I couldn't believe that they stayed in place all day without having to pull them down! And no chub rub!!! <3 Being plus size, I feel very confident in this suit! I can't wait to make another!! (no joke my husband loves this on me despite being a one piece with a skirt!)

This suit was made with left over strike offs from the "Dreaming of Summer" round from our group, retail will be in a couple weeks!  I found the custom swim to be a lot easier to work with as it was a lot less slippery than the cheaper solid black swim that I used. As well as using a thicker swim lining than a cheaper thin one. The cheap thinner swim lining I used for my first suit was a PAIN to work with, it was extremely slippery and hard to handle. The thicker stuff was easier to work with and sewed up a lot better!

Link to PDF pattern--->

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