Guest Blogger - Savannah's peplum top/tunic

Guest Blogger - Savannah's peplum top/tunic


My name is Savannah. I'm the mom to two amazing girls who inspired me to start sewing. About 5 years ago, pregnant with my youngest, I couldn't sew, despite hours of trying. Then, at about 2 a.m. one night, I awoke with an idea o couldn't shake. I saw, in my head, a bag attached to a wipe case that would help me avoid diaper bags. With my mind running 100 miles an hour, I jumped straight out of bed and began sewing the bag. After that moment, everything just clicked. As long as I could see it in my head, I could create it. With the support of my friends and family, I began sewing bags of all kinds. Diaper bags became my niche and they helped me discover new techniques with each bag. By the time I had discovered patterns (quite recently actually), it was too late. I had discovered I didn't need them. All I needed was accurate measurements, a little math, and a vision.

Here is a tutorial on how to make this adorable peplum tunic: 

#1- measure A- top of shoulders to hips B- circumference around C- from one side of the neck to the other I.e. the measurements for us were: A. 18" B. 23" C. 4" 

#2-cut Cut the fabric Height= your A measurement Length= your B measurement -1" (subtract 1" so it fits nice and snug) I.e. we cut ours 18" tall by 22" wide

#3 arm and neck At the top of the fabric, we cut where the neck and arm will be: From the fold you will cut by using: 1.5C/2. I.e. our C=4", so 4x1.5=6, so I want my neck 6" wide. I'm cutting from the fold so ÷2=3" I measured 3" from the fold and cut over and down towed the edge with a curve. Then, I cut a slight curve in the neck.

#4- Sew Sew the edge (the back) together. Then, hem from the neck and then down around to the other side of the neck.

#5-sew Fold the top of the neck over 2x, then sew to create a casing.

#6- cut the ruffle Make it as tall as you'd like. You can make it a full skirt or just a cute little ruffle like I did here. Cut it 2xB long I.e. mine was 46" wide

#7- Sew the ruffle together so it forms a circle.

#8- pin the ruffle around the bottom of the bodice

#9- sew the ruffle to the bodice slowly gathering a little as you sew.

#10-hem the bottom of the ruffle

#11- create a strap 1.5" wide. Fold it in half and sew down the side

#12- Turn strap inside out, hem It, then pull it through the casing you created at the top of the bodice.

And you're done! Can be made with knit for a cute top or swim for a cute swim top! 

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  • Shabucky - June 03, 2019

    This design and your accomplishments are absolutely inspiring. With putting so much heart and hours into this, you continue to inspire your two kids and those around you; proving that anything is possible with determination and bulding skill.
    Way to chase your passion! Keep inspiring. I can’t wait to watch you grow.

  • Tammy Hoffman - June 03, 2019

    I’m totally amazed by Savannah to not only sew such amazing items, but for the patterns to come only from her imagination it’s truly remarkable. I’ve never seen such talent before. Great job Savannah and keep up the great work.

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