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                                         **  ** Garfield Inspired ****

* Cotton/Lycra (Spandex) - 95%/5% 220-240 gsm (12-13oz) (60" WOF) - (4 way  stretch) 
* Stretch French Terry 95% cotton/5% spandex 260 gsm (14-15oz) (60" WOF)  -  (4 way stretch)

Oeko Tex certified fabrics! 
(working on getting flammability & lead certificates)

Digitally printed 

Round Closing Date is : August 10, 2018 

Lay-away Terms
* Available on orders of $50 or more (after shipping)
* There will be a $5 Lay-away Fee. 
*  Any customer that doesn't pay on time will be charged a $5 Late Fee. (Communication is key)
* 50% Due Upfront* The remaining balance is due Within 3 weeks of Round Closing date. This round closes on August 10, 2018. So your Final Payment will be due on August 31, 2018.

**For Lay-away use Code:  FALL18LAYAWAY

All sales are final.

1 yard = 36 inches x 56 inches but please note that the fabric you receive will be wider than 56 inches. The rest is considered the selvage, any flaws in the selvage area will not be eligible for any kind of refund. Any flaws that are not in the selvage area AND are greater than the size of a quarter, WILL be eligible for a refund. Please notify us within 3 days of receiving your fabric so we can replace it or send a refund.


Turnaround is 10-12 weeks BUT our goal is to have the product in your hands within 5-8 weeks of close date.

Limited retail will be available, but cannot guarantee there will be retail for all fabric bases except Cotton /Lycra. 


Will be calculated depending on location. We do have a shipping file in the group, the pinned post has the link or you can view it by going to the files/docs section of the group

 Please be aware that you may be charged a customs fee or an import tax. This is the Responsibility of the Customer to pay at that time.    

** panel size approximate